Our Programming

I’m glad that I came today. As I heard people talking about bringing in new members and what drew them in years ago, I started thinking about what I should say about what led me to join so recently.

As many who spoke passionately about as well, I appreciate the music, particularly the variety and the guest performers. It gives me time to enjoy and reflect during the busy week. But I would not return if it wasn’t for the thoughtful and eloquent words. While I had been thinking of attending for a long while, it was the strong desire to be with others with similar ideologies who could help me make sense of the madness of the current political climate that got me to take that first step.

During that first coffee hour, I saw the poster that spoke of the food pantry, and I immediately asked to speak with someone involved. When I heard the lead of that program’s passion and dedication, I knew this could fulfill my need to connect with the Plainfield community.

When I got a tour of the Youth Faith Formation wing and heard about the program, I realized that this community could be a spiritual home in which I could raise my children, without sacrificing my beliefs and morals (and my science-teaching, religion-adverse, atheist husband would be on-board). I was pleasantly surprised that my adolescent stepson asked to attend and requested to return to the youth group. He immediately found a connection that young adults so need.

When I heard about the social justice opportunities, although I don’t have much time to participate, I took solace in knowing that I am a part of a larger movement, and that the horrors I read in the news every day do not represent us all. I know now that as my children grow, they will have exposure to how important it is to fight for justice in order to build a just community and society.

The children’s Kindness Buddy project helped to “seal the deal”. Seeing my 5-year-old connect with an elderly adult brought me joy, knowing this could give my kids a chance for building intergenerational relationships, which I feel is so important.

So, in sum the music program is important, but if any of those other components were not present, I likely would not have become a member last month.

I hope that in the coming year, other families can find what they need in First Unitarian, too.