President’s Letter- August 9, 2018

Dear Friends,

Many teachers have summer jobs, and I am no exception.

My job this summer was as the lead teacher for an ESL program here in town. For two hundred kindergarten to 4th graders, I was the lead teacher. The lead teacher does not teach, my role was more of a principal-secretary-guidance counselor-custodian-cafeteria worker.

Our program participated in the city’s summer meals program, which provides free meals for children up to 18 years old in the city’s camps, parks, and summer school programs.

Every day we line up the children and hand them a meal, suited to the taste of American children, and following federal nutrition guidelines. Every day the children accept their meal with a word of thanks, and return to their tables to eat and chat and relax.

The centerpiece of the program is the share table. If there is something the child does not want to eat, it could be the milk, the sandwich, the carrots, the fruit, he or she can place it on the share table for another child to have a little more. At the end of each day, this table is empty, but every child feels satisfied.

I am proud to be a part of this teaching of our American values, of safety and gratitude and acknowledgement of abundance.

-Melissa Logan

President, Board of Trustees

First Unitarian Society of Plainfield