Please contact Rev. Ann Marie if you are interested in becoming a Member!

Thinking of joining?  It is our members who “own” the congregation, each having an equal say in the direction we go together, each having a responsibility to care for each other, and to come together to make a meaningful, purposeful and safe community. Every member at some point in their spiritual journey made a decision to not only identify as Unitarian Universalists in theory but in practice, by “signing the book” and joining a UU congregation taking on both the privileges and responsibilities of membership. It is a privilege to be counted, to be cared for and to share one’s life journey with others, to nurture the bonds of fellowship and to be both joyful and experience life’s sorrows together. We may not all be alike, or think alike, but we are all committed to bringing more love into this world. Together First Unitarian members are responsible for determining who our religious professionals will be, for a collective pledge of our time, talents and treasures, all to sustain our mission of compassionate action in our community and in the larger world.