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2021-08-08 – Voter Suppression as Racism -

In seeing the widespread attacks on voting rights, it is easy to miss the blatant racism inherent in these acts because of the existential threat they pose to democracy. We must understand that democracy is...

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2021-08-01 – Call to Prophetic Action – Undoing Systemic White Supremacy -

This year at the 2021 UUA General Assembly there was a “Call of Prophetic Action” to all Unitarian Universalists, as individuals, for Undoing Systemic White Supremacy. This “call” is a means by which we, as...

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2021-07-25 – Counteracting anti-CRT and anti-BLM Propaganda -

We have all seen and heard conservative activists railing against Critical Race Theory and moving to ban it from being taught in public schools. Don’t be drawn into arguing against the lies. They argue Critical...

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