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2021-11-28 Decolonizing Thanksgiving: An Imperative for UUs -

We at First U are justifiably proud of the anti-racism work we have done. Moreover, we are aware that there is much more to do. Part of the most difficult work ahead of us, both...

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2021-11-21 Changing the Culture at First U to a Community of Communties -

Transforming the culture of First U to a “community of communities” is the key to dismantling institutional racism. This was one of the clear messages we received at the “Building a Culture of Inclusion” workshop,...

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2021-11-14 – Of Caste, Hierarchy, and Society -

Many members of our congregation have read Caste, Isabel Wilkderson’s insightful examination of the American caste system. It defines the hierarchy of American social, political, and economic structures. Hierarchies, with unequal access to power, are...

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