Town Hall – February 19, 2023

On Sunday, February 19th, 2023 rather than hold a traditional Sunday service, the Special Committee on the Congregational Future held a townhall-style of presentation of the decision to dissolve the congregation. The main topics covered in this presentation were the work being done to ensure members have a path to a new UU home, and the plan to distribute the remaining financial assets based on input from the members of the congregation. 

  • Due to resource constraints the congregation will cease to hold services after a final service in the spring of this year.
  • The members of the congregation will be presented with a resolution to dissolve the corporate entity at a public meeting in the coming months.
  • Remaining assets, including the endowment funds, will be divided into four pools and distributed in support of First U’s existing mission:
    • Remaining operating funds will be distributed to local UU congregations based on member election.
    • A portion of the endowments will be distributed to recent recipients of our Share-the-Plate collections, based on member election.
    • The bulk of the endowments will be transferred to another UU congregation to be held in trust for continued social justice work, including the food pantry and other organizations we support today.
    • The Angel Fund will be used to provide post-secondary scholarships for the children below college age currently in the congregation.

The whole presentation can be found here.