2023-2024 Year

Our intent is to complete all business and cease operations as soon after the final service is held on May 21st. While there are no known reasons that this cannot take place before the end of June, it is possible that some tasks may persist into July. As a result, we will need to elect trustees for the three expiring terms and approve a budget. This will take place at the meeting on April 30th.

Voting for board members:

  • Alice Logie (continuing) for secretary
  • Bonnie Rowan (continuing) for member at large
  • Cass Cochrane (new) for member at large
  • Nominations from the floor

The proposed budget consists of $18,693 in expenses, the single largest element being legal fees that will most likely be billed before June 30th, and the remainder being services (e.g. bookkeeping) required should operations run through the end of the year. The proposed budget can be found here: https://firstunj.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/2023-2024-First-U-Budget-for-Approval.pdf