2022-05-22 – Attributes of White Supremacy Culture: Objectivity

As we work to dismantle racism in our institution, we are continuing our exploration of the attributes of White Supremacy Culture. Today we will look at objectivity.

This is a particularly difficult one for many to grasp, especially UU’s who pride themselves on rationalism and enlightenment.

To begin with, the belief that there is such a thing as being objective needs to be examined. We are all bound by our language and culture. It defines how we view our universe. Can we truly be objective?

Objectivity includes the belief that emotions are inherently destructive, irrational, and should not play a role in decision-making or group process. This point of view invalidates people who show emotion. It also requires that people think in a linear fashion and those who think in other ways are ignored and invalidated.

Antidotes for this are based in valuing everyone as individuals. :

  • Realize that everybody has a world view and that everybody’s world view affects the way they understand things; realize this means you too; 
  • Push yourself to sit with discomfort when people are expressing themselves in ways which are not familiar to you; 
  • Assume that everybody has a valid point and your job is to understand what that point is