2022-04-03 – Attributes of White Supremacy Culture: Quantity over Quality and Progress is Bigger

As we work to dismantle racism in our institution, we are continuing our exploration of the attributes of White Supremacy Culture. Today we will look at two related attributes, Quantity over Quality, and Progress is Bigger/More.

Progress is measured by White Supremacy Culture in narrow ways that often run contrary to actual improvement. As with the Sense of Urgency, which we discussed a couple of weeks ago, there is an overriding need to produce something, whether or not that something is good and necessary. Often the fact that some result is produced overshadows the fact that that result is not what is needed or that the process used in achieving the result was actually harmful. This drains institutional energy, which is a fixed quantity, and ultimately stands in the way of real improvement. Antidotes for this are related to planning and goal setting:

  • Ensure that process design and quality assurance are part of planning and that criteria for success includes the process followed and the quality of the results, not just timeliness and quantity.
  • Look ahead to see how present actions affect future generations
  • Cost/benefit analysis needs to include non-financial costs, such as morale, credibility, and consumption of human resources.