2021-07-25 – Counteracting anti-CRT and anti-BLM Propaganda

We have all seen and heard conservative activists railing against Critical Race Theory and moving to ban it from being taught in public schools. Don’t be drawn into arguing against the lies. They argue Critical Race Theory is being taught is school with the intent of making White children feel bad about being White. While that is patently false, it’s also not relevant. The idea that Critical Race Theory is taught in public schools is an intentional lie. Critical Race Theory is a legal academic theory, not a subject taught in primary or secondary school. If you are being taught Critical Race Theory, you are most likely in law school. So, why are we having this argument and what can we do to counter it?

The reason Critical Race Theory is under attack is that doing so is easy. It is easy to demonize an idea, the more complex the idea, the easier it is to do so. If someone doesn’t understand a concept and they are told it will hurt them, they will argue against it without really understanding what the issue is. The same was done to the Black Lives Matter movement. Lies were told by people in power and they were accepted as facts.

This is McCarthyism: Unfounded allegations levied against an opponent and their supporters for the purpose of retaining political power. The tactic is to place the opposing side in the position of having to defend against an unreasoned attack in a way that prevents them from responding with substance

Perhaps it’s time to respond to these attacks by calling out the attacker, rather than responding to the attack itself. Those orchestrating the attacks on CRT and BLM truly have no sense of decency. Their weakness is that many of those listening to them will leave when they realize the depth of their moral rot. Call out their hypocrisy and their lies. Call out their unAmerican attacks on democracy and free speech. But don’t defend CRT and BLM, because they’re not really the subjects of their attack.