2021-07-11 – 5th Principle Project and Gadflys – UU Racism

There is a small but vocal group called the 5th Principle Project that is attempting to hide racism behind our 5th Principle; The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. What they are doing is portraying themselves as victims rather than acknowledge that they are trying to protect the White Patriarchy. 

Similarly, there is a group called The Gadflies who claim martyrdom as a result of attacks on their right of free speech. What they speak about is their opposition to social justice. They are against the anti-racism and anti-oppression work that our denomination is doing. 

In both cases, they co-opt the language of inclusion to protect and maintain the hegemony of white cis males over the rest of society. Using words intended to equitably extend power to all UU, they intend to exclude those who they view as a threat to their power.

Understanding who they are and what they really want is the first step towards counter-acting an alt-right movement within Unitarian Universalism. More background information has been shared on our web platforms.