2021-06-20 – Racism in UU Governance

This coming week is the UUA’s General Assembly. Perhaps now is a good time to circle back to racism within our denomination, specifically structural racism within the UUA.

As part of Widening the Circle of Concern, governance of the UUA has been examined and recommendations have been made. The details of those recommendations goes far beyond the time we have allotted for this “minute”. As with many power structures, the governance model of the UUA has evolved in a way to preserve existing power structures, and institutional racism is about power. At the same time, informal structures, by their nature, privilege those in power. The recommendations that have been made address the inequitable distribution of power and provide for accountability toward achieving equity, inclusion, and di)versity.

As we at First U move forward over the next several months we will be examining our own institution and making necessary changes. We should not be afraid of what we will see when we look in a mirror; we will need to embrace change. In the words of the Reverend Alice Blair Wesley;

“In truth, the simple, transparent, potent idea of the free church has had to be, time and time and time again, reconceived, reconstructed in human imagination, from memories of the tradition so obscured, or twisted and bent out of shape over time, as to be—sometimes—almost gone from the world.”