2021-05-30 – White Supremacy is an Accent

What must be done to dismantle racism? How long will it take?

It will take the rest of our lives. 

Racism is White Supremacy Culture; it is integral to the predominant culture of the United States and, through socialization, has been internalized by almost all of us. 

Dismantling racism will require changing basic elements of our culture. It will be like learning a new language as an adult. Even those who succeed at learning a new language to the point of thinking and dreaming in that language will have an accent. 

Our congregation will learn that language together. We will practice speaking it together so that when we make a mistake, we are with other learners who are stumbling as well. 

We will hold up each other’s successes and help each other see missteps as we make them. With time, we will not only learn how to speak this new language, but also learn how to suppress our accent. 

Our goal for future generations is to not know the old language of white supremacy culture or even unknowingly have an accent.